Tuesday, July 9, 2013

UDI's Gluten Free House Party

Within the last year I have gone Gluten-free. It is not terribly difficult, but I sure do miss some foods like bread and cookies. Thank you, Houseparty.com for the opportunity to have an UDI's Gluten Free party!!

 Guests received UDI's Gluten Free bracelets, flower seeds, boogie tattoos, and FREE UDI's coupons!!

Some of the yummy food we tried were the bagels, granola (my little star tore into the vanilla granola before I could get my pics), Dark Chocolate Brownie bites, and Snicker Doodle cookies. They are all delicious. 

We had a great time shakin' our rumps and eating delicious foods. Gotta love a good party! 

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