Monday, June 3, 2013

Read to Win

When I was young my mother read to us almost everyday until we were old enough to read on our own. Both my sister and I would read for hours. I can remember loving Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and my all time favorite Anne of Green Gables  by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Unfortunately, my children are not as fond of reading as I was.  So, this summer we have joined the local library in their summer reading program.

Our summer reading program allows with every book and magazine they read they are given a slip of paper to write their name on. It goes in a jar of their choosing for a prize. The prizes are awesome! IPod, books, gift cards to name a few. It is my hope that the chance to win something really great will drive them to read and in that they will find a love of reading.

This year I went to the Indiana Department of Education website and found the reading list for my child's grade. While choosing something they would like to read, they must also choose one from the list. Here is an example of the list from my state for grades 6-8:

Fiction: Classic and Contemporary
The Acorn People – Jones, Ron
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – Twain, Mark
Anne of Green Gables – Montgomery, Lucy Maud
The Cat Ate My Gymsuit – Danziger, Paula
Firefly Summer – Bulpre, Pura
Flowers for Algernon – Keyes, Daniel 
Holes – Sachar, Louis
Homecoming – Voigt, Cynthia
Island of the Blue Dolphins – O’Dell, Scott
The Islander – Rylant, Cynthia
The Journey Home – Uchida, Yoshiko
The Little Prince – De Saint-Exupery, Antoine
Little Women – Alcott, Louisa May
The Great M.C. Higgins – Hamilton, Virginia
Year of Impossible Goodbyes – Choi, Sook Nyui
It is fun reading through the list to see which I've read. I have a lot of catching up to do and am excited to do it!
As a side note: in our home there are strict limits on T.V. time and video games. T.V. is limited to 30 minutes on weekdays and an hour on weekends. Video games are only played an hour on Friday and Saturday. They play outside ALLOT! They also do puzzles, draw, board games. I do not judge families that are different then mine. What works for you may not work for me.

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