Tuesday, April 9, 2013

That's just Bad Business

I love to buy online. No lines. No pushy sales people. No crazy parking. I am very fortunate and have not had any horrible experiences. There was a time I ordered a dress and never got it, but I was refunded all of my money. Customer service was horrible and I will never shop there again, however, many people love that store; so good for them.

Any who, while perusing Facebook, I came across Caution! Fake Fans & Bad Vendors. An awesome page with lists of Facebook stores to look out for.  According to their website "Definitions used to determine who is on what list~ FAKE FANS: Those who like vendor pages for giveaways, then unlike it after giveaway closes or use multiple profiles/pages to enter giveaways. BAD VENDOR: Sells product(s) but fails to follow through with delivery of product or refund. (If you had to pay any money for a giveaway item, even just shipping, it falls under Bad Vendor category.) DISAPPOINTING VENDOR: Sponsors giveaways but doesn't follow through with delivery of prize(s) won. ©"

This is a great list. If you have a minute, before you buy, I'd suggest taking a peek. Maybe you are a store owner and see your business name, contact them and make it right. Just my humble opinion.

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