Friday, April 19, 2013

Reuse Reduce Recycle - Earth Day Fun

With Earth Day right around the corner, Monday, April 22, I am on the hunt for fun things for my kiddos to do to help the environment. Here is some of the things I found:

   Check out the Earth Day Network. One of the activites is to take a picture of how climate change effects you or what you are doing to help correct climate change (recycle, plant a tree, draw a picture of something), upload, and it becomes part of an online mosaic.
 Visit a recycling facility near you! You can find yours here at Just enter your zip code and wahla!! There you have it. You may want to call ahead and see if they give tours. Also, find out what they will accept and take a load of that! Kids will love digging to find things to recycle.

 Speaking of recycling why not make a craft out of old newspapers. I found this great one from Homemade Simple that combines recycling with planting. Her directions are clear and easy to do. I have a pile of papers waiting to do this one this weekend. Our garden isn't quiet ready, but it will be by the time our veggies have sprouted.

Pick it up!! Live near a beach? A field or woody area? What about a soccer field? Heck, how about just around your town.  Grab some friends, bags and maybe gloves then head out to clean it up.
These are just a few things I found to do. There are a bunch of other ideas out there. Have fun with it!
Enjoy your Earth Day and let me know what you did!


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