Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Monday Monday

Lets start off by saying "Happy Monday"! While Monday is not necessarily my favorite day of the week (Tuesday is) it has been a wonderful one. The adventure in homeschooling got better today when I contacted the administrative department and talked to Jason. He was fabulous. Walked me through the system, explained how it all worked, was patient, and just all around made me feel better about how this whole thing works. So a big shout out to Jason!!! YOU ROCK!

That was my afternoon. Yes, I'm aware that I'm giving you my day backwards. My morning was fabulous as well. I've been doing the sorta-like-Atkins diet and have lost 3lbs. I am stoked! Elated, even. I know that 3lbs doesn't seem like alot and I did cheat a bit, but I am happily losing it slowly. I am excited to see what this week holds.

Wanted to update you with my awesome day! Hope your Monday was just as wonderful.

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