Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And a Good Morning to you!!

Howdy, ya'll!! Yes, I'm feeling my southern roots this morning (you will notice by the lack of "g"s). There is cool fall air, warm yummy coffee, and chattin' with my southern belles. The veggie beef stew is stewin' and smelling so freakin' good. My little star has some kinda something and can hardly speak, thus the soup. Booo and Yay! Its a mix.

Our new household adventure: Homeschooling RJ. So far so good. His grades are awesome!! I'm so glad that I understand how he learns so that I can help with get the most out of this experience. Let me now tell you how I AM NOT A TEACHER. Math is my worst subject, but I could write you a term paper outta this world though. We have a whole lot of support, a great community, and so many references on the internet that it is unbelievable. My personal homeschool experience was far from wonderful. I'm fairly certain that it did NOT help the relationship between my sister and I one bit. But, 25 yrs later (ouchy) the world is a friendlier place to homeschooled children and their parents. If you homeschool, please reach out to me. I'd love to hear how you do it.

Coffee w/creamer 6carbs
 My super awesome adventure: Documenting my diet. Oh, yes. I know I am so horrible at pretty much following through with everything, but I'm going to do it!! I've already started!! LOL..  I've never been on a low carb diet. I have family and friends that have done Atkins and really succeeded. They've kept the weight off and eat carbs now too. Just thinking about all that meat makes my stomach flip. So my Georgiagal has cut down to 20 carbs a day along with many of her friends and like most I LOVE a good bandwagon!!

Off I go.. riding away until later!! Have a great day! Ya'll

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