Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Oh, The Lawn!!

It is spring, as many of us have already noticed. Yes, we are bright and have windows to look out of. But I am starting to notice agitation and competition among the neighborhood men. I would have thought it would be who BBQ'd first, but it was not. This was my adventure today.

Birds are chirping. Blossoms are growing on our trees. Children are begging to go outside and I allowing them with smiles and tears of maddening joy. Dogs bark from their chains. I sit back and think, how wonderful things are ...
then it comes ...
the sound ... 
of lawnmowers.

My neighbor to the left, Mark, was first. Crisp, white t-shirt, faded jeans, dirty lawnmower and the sun just happened to be shining full on making it an unseasonable 82 degree day. My hubby stands at the kitchen window cursing under his breath about how he looks bad since his mower isn't up and running yet and how he can't believe he was first. The rest of the day was full of making plans to get the mower in, the rotatiller rented, and the calendar on our wall in sync with the 2012 Farmers Almanac.

It was a few days later when the guy across the street, Matt, had a day off and had a chance to mow his yard. All I could think when I saw that was "Thank goodness, my husband is working days and won't be home until its dark so he won't see how he was one-up'd again." Unfortunately, the man has eyes like a cat and he noticed it when he got home. Well, that did it. The next day he borrowed the neighbors riding mower did her yard then ours. I have to admit that the yard looks lovely.

So, our mower is in the shop getting "summerize" and its been there a week. My husband is already going stir crazy since Mark has already mowed his yard three times in the last weeks and our poor yard only once.

Really? REALLY? I mean, its not that bad. Its been raining alot so what? I mean, is the grass going to take over our house? Our we going to lose our terrier in a sea of green because it hasn't been mowed for 5 days? This is obviously one of those things that I don't understand about men. I can be competitive, but not when it comes to grass!

Happy yarding!

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