Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Low-Cal Cake in a cup.. Yeah, I said it!

In our busy lives who really has time to spend making a large cake when the craving hits or to purchase boxes of little cake mixes and waste all that money when you could do it yourself for a fraction of the price?

I thought I would share this yummy cake with you. It is so easy to do that the kids could probably induldge in this too.

Cake In A Cup

The ingredients are:

1 Box Angelfood Cake mix

1 Box your choice cake mix

1 Gallon storage bag

Empty the cake mixes into the gallon storage bag, close the bag, then gently shake to mix well. 

In a coffee cup, mix well, 2 tablespoons of cake mix and 3 tablespoons water. Place in the microwave for 1 minute on high. Be very careful when taking the cup out of the microwave because it will be hot. Let the cake sit for 2 minutes to cool.

You can add toppings onto the top of the cup cake like whip topping, icing, and fruit.

We love this! I made mine with Red Velvet cake mix. My girlfriend made hers with Chocolate cake mix. Delicious!!

Enjoy your Cake in a Cup!!

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