Monday, April 2, 2012

and wE'Re UP!!

So I'm having an UP day! What does that mean today? Well, today that means you need to hold on to your hats Ladies and Gents: errands which included two consignment shops, a third Wal-mart trip since I forgot things on my list TWICE (did I mention they were on my list? That I had with me? That I looked at?), made spaghetti sauce from scratch (the way dad makes it) so that I could make lasagna, made homemade chocolate ice cream (thats the third reason I ran to Wal-mart), drank some wine with a friend, cleaned the kitchen and the kids bathroom (so super gross), worked on a surprise for a friend, blogged this wonderful work, and am hoping to get my Star's Easter dress at least started since I am in shock that Easter is Sunday!!

Are you exhausted? I am sure I should be, but I am not! Can you believe it? I'm actually thinking about putting away the three or four piles of clothes that are taking over my bedroom right now. My poor husband would appreciate that one, I am sure. Not that he doesn't appreciate a clean house and homemade food, but he likes to be able to walk into a bedroom and actually be able to find a bed and see the TV from it!

So I am off and running to find other worthy things to do! I am actually thinking of adding my own doodles to my blog, but can't find a program I like. Do you have any programs that you like to draw with? I'd love to hear some suggestions.

Until later...

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