Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is finally here!!! (picture a fat lady doing flips!! yes, hilarious, but I would if I could)
I could not be happier! When I woke this morning to Sam saying there was a heat wave coming and it was already 59 out I thought I was in heaven.

By 1 this afternoon I was outdoors layin on the chaise, listening to books on IPod, soakin' up the 73 degree day and checkin' out the wonders my yard was showing me and thinking about all the things I needed to find in the garage that would have to wait until later cause it was just too nice out after all the gray days to spend it in the garage.
Obviously some Tulips that I was given last year that are screaming to be replanted!

We were given six of these red leafed bushes from my sister last year. So far I have found buds on three of the six. I'm thinking that is a great sign so far. I believe that with a little nursing and some coffee grounds I might be able to save the others. My neighbor swears by coffee grounds and Starbucks gives them away!

By the time I picked up my little Star it was showing THIS:

And all I could think was ...


I am so glad that spring is here and that summer is coming and can not.. I repeat.. CAN NOT wait to start complaining about how hot it is outside!! LOL I love the sun and am looking forward to having a garden. I plan to learn how to can and freeze the right way as well as do more of the food preparing so I'm not in the kitchen all summer.

Have a lovely day! I hope that it is as beautiful where you are as it is where I am.

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