Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Last HeroBox

My last HeroBox goes out today to my soldier based in Afghanistan. I am so excited and a little sad. It has felt so good to be able to do something for someone that has done so much for us.

This, our last box, will contain some fun stuff like:

HUGE Marshmallows
3 DVD's
Flavored Toothpaste (doesn't sound great to us, but considering what they are using..)
pictures the kiddos made
MadLibs (from the kids)
The Doritos they love

I'm trying hard to think of other ideas that are nifty and that they would enjoy. What do you get the men that protect your country? and are in the desert? Do you have any ideas?

The box has to be sent out on Monday morning. Your suggestions are appreciated and if you have any comments or "HU-RAH's" you'd like to send you can email them to me at and I will gladly add them to the box.

If you aren't familiar with then head on over and learn all about it. It is so important to continue to support our active duty personel that is away from family, friends, and home letting them know that there are strangers and countrymen that care about them and support them.

Have a wonderful day!!

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