Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Rant: Parent and Teacher Relationship

The whole reason for this rant is because I have a parent that has pulled a child from my class with no explaination. I'm frustrated. I'm hurt. If she would have pulled me aside and spoken with me I would have been happy to work it out or explained my actions. I have no idea what I did or if I did anything.  The parent does not wish to be contacted. What is worse is that one of my other students rides with this one and now will no longer be coming. I have now lost 2 from my class. I am distraught. I will miss them terribly. They are such wonderful children. I can't imagine what would have caused this parent to do this. My director does not blame me since she does not know the circumstances either. **UPDATE While I ran to pick the kids up from school I got a message saying she has removed me from her friends list. UGH! I have decided to write her a note (I don't think I mentioned that we work together) apologizing for whatever I did and asking for forgiveness. This way I have relieved myself from whatever wrong doing I have done. I can't do anymore than that. 

My point to this is I understand that confrontation is hard I believe that when it comes to children it is necessary. I say this because I feel that if my child was being harmed in some way (emotionally, verbally, what be it) and I said nothing, what if there was another child being treated the same way and I am allowing that to continue. Does that make sense? Confrontation was never meant to feel comfortable. It is necessary. It is a responsibility we have as adults and parents. It is our job. It must be done. I'm not saying run into the school building yelling and wielding a samari sword. Call, make an appointment, sit down, talk like adults until you feel you have met a resolution. If one can't be met, go up the chain of command until one is met. That is how it is done.

So, next time your child comes home with his hair cut and no note. Call the freakin' teacher, and ask for an explanation. When you don't get one you approve of then make an appointment with the teacher. If you still don't get one that is acceptable to YOU, call the school board. I'm sure they can help you out! That's what I would do. I don't mess around when it comes to my cubs. I'm a lioness. Hear my roar.

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