Monday, February 6, 2012


Oy Vey! What a week! I am so sorry I have been missing in action. I have taken on additional responsibilities and am feeling the load as well as the Mister has been working mucho overtime and hasn't been home and boy am I missing him tons. I have fallen behind in the house, the car is a mess, and the laundry has piled up and all I want to do is sleep (ofcourse, none of that is acceptable with 5 kids). I have been working on a very personal blog for all of you that tells you about a side of my life that I don't normally share but I really feel is important to get out there. Its rough and is taking alot of soul searching on how to present it.

I'm also working on a childrens book about my terrier named "George".  The picture to the right was taken right after we got him from the Dekalb Humane Society in November 2010. The picture on the left was him hiding his face sleeping not too long ago. He is a crazy dog that is always getting into trouble. I'm very excited about it!

Today , though, my oldest, RJ, and my little Star are both home sick while Mister is running errands and getting a much deserved massage from his 12 days of throwing the sledge hammer.  I am putting CD's from the library on an old MP3 player of mine that I'm going to surprise Meg with with all of her favorite music when she gets home today from her moms. I am really hoping she likes it.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!!

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