Monday, January 23, 2012

Migraine Health

Yesterday I did fabulous. I had my coffee with creamer, a huge salad with my Green Goddess dressing, and chicken for dinner. I also drank 10 glasses of water and a Pepsi Max. I slept like a rock, too. I woke this morning a little fatigued but feeling pretty good and NO MIGRAINE OR HEADACHE of any kind!! This could only mean ...

 the trigger is........SUGAR!!!

This means that unfortunately I will be very restrictive on the amount I injest to none. I will be cutting it all except what comes naturally in foods like fruits and vegetables.

 I will go back to the ways I used to cook which was naturally and no out of the box and with all of processed foods. Its the healthy way. Less salt, preservatives, more vitamins and the good stuff.  All of this is a good thing. The worse thing that could happen is that I lose weight. Which I could use. Hubby and I have renewed our YMCA membership and are jumping on the treadmills tomorrow morning! Can't wait. I'm uploading new songs to our I-whatevers this morning so we are motivated to keep moving, plus I'm doing the Fit Mom For Life by Dustin Maher. So I should be totally fit in a matter of a year or so!

Why now after so many years of being so over weight? Well, I'm going on vacation with my hubby this summer to a NASCAR race in Michigan and I'm going to have to wear actual summer clothing! Its my first and my husband is so excited he can hardly contain himself. I want to feel comfortable when we go and not worry about what I look like.

Have a wonderful Monday!!

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