Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Definition: having an ample supply

Copious - a wonderful new website to purchase WIDE area of new, used, handmade and really neat-o items. Part the wonder is when you sign up you get $10.00 in free credit the pays for or for part of you frist order. You have to pay for .01 of your order to prove your a person or something like that. If you sign up now with my code then you get $10 in credit! Free for you!! Then, if you get your friends/family/ a stranger to sign up and buy something you earn $5.00 more and tada!!! It adds up and you get a tons of stuff for free! I love free, so sign up and buy stuff!
They have items that range from purses and blue jeans to bobby pins and 1950's dresses. Here are some of the items I found:
Mr T "Not A Rolling" Tray

Skeleton Bride and Groom

Lavender Tea Tree Natural Vegan Soap

Tons of cool stuff. Check it out, sign up, at least use your free $10 even if your friends don't sign up and use their free $10 (which would be really not so smart).

Have an awesome day!!

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