Thursday, January 19, 2012

Breakfast with a Flamingo

Why I was up this morning at 4am I really can not say, but I can say that by 6am I needed my coffee and oatmeal. The crazy thing is that my little Star was up with me at 4am! So we were all alone to eat oatmeal and talk about our day.  It was actually really nice, although, this means nap time is going to be really needed today and I have so much to do to prepare for hubby's birthday party on Saturday.

I have planned a surprise for him tomorrow night (his real birthday)!! I'm so excited. Unfortunately, he has to work, but after work he is going out to dinner with the guys. Well, I'm making my first Chocolate Bacon Cake and am taking it to the restaurant so that they can present it to him tomorrow night! The guys he works with don't know its his birthday! YAY!! I love surprises - even when they are not for me. I will be sure to show pics of this yummy cake.

Ya'll have a wonderful day and if you are new to my blog, welcome!! I plan to have many reviews and giveaways beginning in the near future. Have an awesome one.

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