Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Attack of the Grease

I am always burning myself when I bake and cook, but have been doing so well.. extremely well... too well.. for the past months that I knew when the burn came it would be a good one. I was right.

It came at dinner time. The oven was on broil. The bacon was burning. I bent down to pull it out. Smoke got in my eyes. And that is when it attacked... the bacon popped and the grease flew onto my face!

Fortunately, I didn't drop the bacon, just spilled some of the grease and only yelled "OH MY GOSH" while the hubby came running in from the other room. I was able to get some cold on it but not in time. The grease was so hot that it hit, blistered, and popped within seconds. Which is the fastest this has happened to me since I was 22 or so when I burnt myself so badly that the wound turned black within 20 minutes. I didn't have insurance so I just cried alot. Oh, so young.

So here is my wound.  I realize it doesn't look too bad, but boy it still hurts like a son of a gun!

Hope your week isn't as painful as mine!!

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  1. Oh no! that looks so painful. I saw a scary movie recently where this man heated up oil on the stove and threw it in another man's face. so scary.



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