Friday, November 4, 2011

This is a little mushy (not what you think)

My obsession currently is Cake Pops. If you haven't heard of them they are baked cake crumbles mixed with icing, formed into balls, and dipped in chocolate candy coating. The design possibilities are endless. So off to Fliker, Bakerella, The Kitchn (a super cute blog), and Cake Pop Ideas I went searching for a design for my Stella's Under the Sea birthday party on Saturday. Well, I found some brilliant art work and wonderful recipes. I'm just going to warn you now that what you are about to see is not my best work - which is why I am showing you. I am human. 

Cake Pops - Take 1

You start with your basic cake making ingredients: cake mix, eggs, water, oil, stuff so the cake doesn't stick to your cake pan. This picture shows my pan already oiled and floured. Then you bake it per the directions on the box. When you take it out of the oven make sure that you cool it completely. I let mine cool on the counter for a good hour or so. If you try to crumble it and its still warm it will bunch up and be too sticky.

Next you crumble the cake with your hands and mix it with icing.I believe that this next step was my first and second mistake that I made in making these. I made my own buttercream icing but didn't take into consideration that my consistancy would be different than store bought and I made 3 cups of it and only needed maybe 3/4c. This combined with mixing it with the mixer (I saw this on one of the cake pop sites) made the cake too sticky and the balls wouldn't form and my hands were a mess.
This is what it looked like in the mixer.
Not wanting to give up I baked another cake and added it - I'm thinking this was mistake three. I used a spice cake mix which happens to be really good with the chocolate one I made first. But the spice cake wasn't as dense. While it did help make the balls denser it didn't do the trick entirely. Again, I had 3c of icing when I should have only had 1/2 to 3/4c per cake mix. Anywho, I remedied all of this by putting the mix in the fridge for 2 hours so that it would stiffen up and that seemed to work. On to the candy coating...

I was going to attempt adding lollipop sticks, but by this point the balls were huge and heavy and I know when to call it quits! I melted my chocolate, but (and this is still a mystery) it wasn't as loose as the youtube videos showed it should be. I'm still not sure how to make this happen, so my balls had super thick coating on them. I am going to figure all of this out, but unfortunately it will not be before Saturday, since its only 7 hours away. I'm thinking Thanksgiving and Christmas presents! That's if I can figure it out by then.

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