Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Time

It has been a productive week for me. I finally finished a quilt I started in November for my niece. It took forever and I am glad to be moving on to the second quilt.  I know that my sister must be thrilled with my slow, but steady progress.  I am a bit excited about the second one since I feel a little better about what I have to do! Wish me luck and haste (for my sisters sake).

 And the house is a buzz with talk of bunny rabbits, candy, baskets, pretty dresses, and toys.. all that this wonderful bunny will bring us. What they don't realize is that EB doesn't make dresses and neither does mommy. Mostly cause I'm not that great at making them quickly yet.

My star had a great time today finding eggs filled with candy and one with a half-dollar! She loved the Easter Bunny and gave a big hug to Augie the Froggy 106.7 mascot. RJ found some too, but I think he is getting to old for this and didn't seem to be as thrilled at seeing the Easter Bunny. He is 11. Momma has to let it go! UGH

May 9th is the beginning of a TURBOFIRE challenge of which I have signed myself up for. One of the things I am going to try is SHAKEOLOGY which is a health drink from BeachBody Fitness. My coach, Leah, sent me a sample. If I like it I am going to add it to my challenge to give me more of an edge.

 I apparently have a follow-thru problem thus I will be using my blogger page to record a short TurboFire review everyday that I am working it. I start May 9th so stay tuned for much excitement. To follow-thru with my goal is in huge writting on my wall  so I can't miss it! To start, since I have two weeks, I will be doing the following at our local YMCA to get started. Hopefully, my DH will be joining me on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. I am excited to have a plan. Now to stick to it. I wish I could remember how I did it when I was younger and more energetic even at my heaviest. So, I pulled out some pictures of myself thinner and younger but mostly thinner and will be posting them on Monday. I know, you are thrilled! I am shocked, but believe I can do it. Its just going to take alot of time and effort. UGH!! Where is that fun pill we are suppose to be able to take to get us to where we want to be physically? In my dreams. Its more fun to be able to see the changes over time (well, when getting smaller.. bigger, not so much!

Have a lovely weekend!! See you on Monday!

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