Monday, March 21, 2011

Workin' it out!

So much to tell you... first and foremost, I cut my long curly hair off to sport a cute, fun style... thank you to my friend, Lori, for her awesomeness. I love it! I have never been happier with a hair cut or color for that matter. I ran into a lady today from the preschool my DD attends and she didn't even recognize me! I have friends asking who my profile pic was of on Facebook! So funny. I love it, did I mention that?

On a different note, I have signed up for a 5k run/walk on June 11th. 5k run. Yes, I said it. I know what your thinking cause I'm thinking it to. The only time I ever run is when someone is trying to kill me. Now, that hasn't happened recently, thus I am incredibly out of shape! So, on Friday I got a membership to the YMCA and got my tushy moving this morning. I will say two things about this. Number one, my 3yr old is so excited that I am exercising that she is telling everyone she sees. I can't let her down, so I must go. Number two, they are right down the street and have daycare for my little star, so I have no excuse of why I can't go. So today I went and walk/walked faster for 20 minutes while listening to Running Mate on my MP3. It basically runs you through interval training for running. Today as Day 1 you warm up for 3 minutes, then run 2, briskly walk 3 (etc till you hit 18 minutes) then cool down for 3. It is awesome. While I did not run the 2 minutes, mostly cause I was afraid of looking like a complete moron, I did walk briskly and burned 325 calories in 20 minutes! I can't wait to workout tomorrow.

In my excitement for my healthy workout, I've eaten really well today and made homemade lasagna for dinner tonight. Yummy. I love to cook and bake except for cookies, I'm still no good with those.  Maybe someday.

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  1. Jody, you look awesome!
    I'm not surprised that people don't recognize you :) you should be proud of your accomplishments!



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