Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break repeated

Good Morning, World! I am readdddy to rumble. This last week (yes, I realize I've been in a perpetual catnap since last Monday) has been crazy. It was spring break for us and we spent a week with freezing cold temps and all the kids inside. UGH! Monday and Tuesday my DH worked, so the kids and I just hung out. It was nice enough those days that RJ was able to play outside with his friends and my star and I went to the gym. Tuesday the kids and I went to see Rango and while my son thought it was good, I hated it. I thought it was boring and blah. Unbelieveably my little star, who is only 3, was able to sit through most of it. She didn't do as well as when we saw Megamind which she sat completely still in, but I'm not complaining since I had trouble not moving around in my seat.
That night RJ and I went to see the Fort Wayne Mad Ants who played against the Erie Bayhawks. Unfortunately, they lost, but we got to see two fights and some fans get rowdy with each other. It was eventful and RJ really enjoyed himself. He even got his picture taken with the Mad
 Ant. It was so wonderful to spend time with him.  Fortunately, the tickets were free through DH workplace and we also got some concession coupons which came in handy for the 2 Jumbo Hotdogs, Plain M&M's, Snickers bar, and Sovenier Cup drink (that was just for him - I just had a drink and pretzel). It was awesome! Meanwhile, my little star spent the evening with her grandma playing Barbies, Littlest Pet Shop, singing songs, and reading books. She also had a fantastic time. I'm so glad we got to do that.
The rest of the week was spent running errands and the kids playing inside. One day, they were able to spend their money at the local store for something they wanted.
It was a good week, but honestly, I'm glad Monday is back and school is in session. We are waiting on warmer days and summer, but until then I will bask in the days of semi-quiet while the kids are learning the good stuff.
Have a wonderful day.

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