Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, I said I would post pics, but I don't have them yet, however, I do have my true blue weight for you .. and there it is! You can see that the date was on Monday when I started again on my journey. I feel like I've lost weight cause my pants keep falling down. I am scared to weigh in though so I have decided to wait until Monday. So take that, SCALE!! The diet is going well and I have been getting in about 30 minutes of exercise a day. I am feeling good and am hoping that I am making a dent in this body.

In reference to the title.. it is actually the dog, George - a terrier, that is in his doghouse. George is 6 months old and loves to dig and play and dig some more. However, he can get into some serious trouble like he did today. He was not too excited to be in Time Out!!

I think like all of us who has just had it with winter he, too, is getting cabin fever because he started to dig inside the house today. While unsupervised for about 3 minutes he found his way behind the couch and dug a sweet little hole into my carpet. I am not sure who I'm mad at really, myself for not paying attention and stopping him in time or him for doing it in the first place. He knows better. He gets in trouble for digging at the rugs all the time. UGH!! So it was time out for George all the while my Star is saying, "Mommy, George is a baaaad dog".

Well, our day is busy with school and errands. I am hoping to make a cute little dress for Star today. The fabric is cut out and the pieces need to be sewn together. Its a knit dress and I don't have much experience with it, but what the heck, right? I can always take it apart again and again. So, I will do that during my "me" time.

The sun is out and its suppose to be 29 degrees today!! YAY, spring is coming.

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