Saturday, February 12, 2011

Whoot Toot

Well, I completed my 5 day Inferno diet and lost 7lbs! I am totally stoked. My honey bought me a heart rate monitor for Valentines Day and now I can really track my calories burned.
Monday starts the Ideal Protein Plan and the TurboFire 12 week program. I am looking forward to summer now. Ready to be thinner and healthier. I set a goal and am working towards it. Feels really great to be able to do that. For the longest time I would sabotage myself with negative thoughts and laziness. I know I can accomplish the goals I set and am thrilled to do so!! YAY I've been trying to keep good today so that I don't blow it!

So today is RJ's birthday party. He chose to have two friends spend the night instead of a blowout. I will have pics tomorrow. His birthday isn't until the 17th and we are having a family party for him then. I love birthday's, just can't talk him into throwing a huge one. Maybe next year.. or when he turns 13.. that one is a definate.. he gets no choice!

Just another awesome day!

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