Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We are throwin' a POTTY PARTY!!!

YAY!! Finally got my Pull-Ups® Potty Dance Day House Party™ kit!! Did I tell you how I got involved in this? Go to and you can register to be a hostess of many types of parties. If you are chosen then they send you a bunch of stuff like info, coupons, free things to give away. All you have to do is blog about it, invite people, take pics, and give feedback. This is something I could definately do being a stay at home mom and all.

Party Kit
  So besides sending out email invites I made up some really cute postcard invites for the kids in my Stars preschool class! I'm so excited. I have also made my list of things for us to do: musical pottys, decorate clay pottys, learn the potty dance, pin the toilet paper in the potty.  We are going to serve cupcakes with little pottys on them, carrot sticks, celery with raisins, and juice. Its all about the kiddies!!
Then there is the goodie bags they get with all of that stuff plus some prizes for the games. I'm thrilled to be doing this. The downer? I only have 2 confirmations which makes 3 kids. It will be fun even if noone else comes.

I'm doing well on my diet. Although, I did have a little bit of a binge last night. I don't mind that though. I'm working out and also eating better than I ever had. The food I ate (Doritos Ranch) didn't even taste that good. I think my taste buds are changing. Totally a good thing. Plus, I've been going to therapy and talking about my eating habits which has really helped in getting it under control.
I finished Megs Barbie dress and made Sara a princess skirt. I am now working on some spring dresses. I know it may be a little early to be working on apron dresses and little summer pillowcase dresses, but I just can't help it. I am addicted to dresses!! I'm going to try my hand at some short outfits though as well and see how that goes. I can't imagine it's too difficult. We will see.
So that's the day! Hope you are having a great week and Happy belated Valentines Day!

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