Thursday, February 3, 2011

Push Goal Promise

Day 5 of the Chalene Johnson 30Day Challenge is to write down my Push Goal (that's the goal that makes all the other goals easier to achieve) and make it into a promise. I am suppose to share this promise with people that I respect and admire. I have chosen to share it with you! As well as my family, facebook, and sending emails to a few specific friends. So here it is:

I Promise to eat healthy and exercise daily in order to reach my ideal weight loss of 150lbs by February 3, 2012.

I have to admit that making this promise scares me. Why? I am so not good at weightloss let alone making promises to myself that I keep. This one is a bit different though. Everyone knows of this promise. I hope that it is enough to keep me going. I've already had my 8 glasses of water today, so I guess I'm well on my way!! YAY..

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