Saturday, February 26, 2011

A pancake and some eggs

is what we had at the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast this morning. What a wonderful day spent with family. We met up with my DH parents and sisters family for pancakes then spent the afternoon bonding with them. We took the kids to the Kruse Automotive Museum and saw the Batmobile, The A-team van, and the Fonze's motorcycle. Very cool indeed. The kids loved seeing the monster trucks, but were bummed because BIGFOOT was not out for us to oogle over. I did get some cute pics though. We then went to an early dinner at Ryan's Steakhouse.  Basically, its like the Golden Corral, but better food. The boys love it, especially RJ, because he can eat until he hurts.
The bestest part of my day was getting a large bag of bright colored fabric from my MIL to make dresses and shorts for the girls. I can't wait to start making summer clothes. I'm thinking I might just start making them now so that they have a whole new wardrobe for summer. If summer ever comes! Its come to my attention that in February alone the kids have missed 9 days of school. Yikes. They are talking about making school until the 6th of June! Good thing we don't have a ton of summer plans.
I started my phentermine pills this morning and at first felt sick because I took it on an empty stomach. After eating a piece of toast I felt a whole lot better, wasn't jittery or hungry all day. I ate moderately today and don't feel the need to snack or induldge in evening goodies like ice cream, chocolate chips, or semi-sweet chocolate squares. I feel full and good. I like it! Tomorrow is before pictures, scale pics (so you can see I'm not lieing about my fat), and hopefully some type of exercise. I start my TurboFire 20week program on Monday with a 30 minute workout. So tomorrow I might do the "New to Class" class which teaches you the moves and is a lot slower. Yeah, thats what I'll do.
I just finished my todo list for this week. We have our Potty Party on Saturday, March 5, and will be having 3 of my Stars little friends over. I'm excited. I can't wait to get crack-a-lackin' on the games and goodies! Four three year olds is enough for me!
So, off to bed I go.. or at least to the couch to read a dirty magazine like Women's Health!

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