Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oh snow!

Ok, so today we are to get a ton of snow. This is no good. We have all 5 children home today and possibly tomorrow if we get all the snow that they are talking about. So what am I going to do to stay sane? Well, cross stitch. I know, old ladies do it, but so do I. It keeps my head straight and my hands busy so that I'm not feeding my piehole. The house is quiet right now (kids are napping or out shopping with DH) so here I am.
I am currently on Day 3 of the Chalene Johnson 30-Day Challenge. Today I had to write 10 goals for the year. Not 4 - which is where I got stumped. I finally got all 10 ...

1.Lose 150lbs
2. Become debt-free
3. Become an advanced seamstress
4. Start a business
5. Be more involved in my community
6. Get organized
7. Clean out the garage
8. Become part of an organization I can donate my creations to.
9. Quilts for the kids
10. Eat healthier

Now, those are in no specific order they are just what came to mind. The last thing I have been instructed to do is make a "Push Goal". This is the goal that can/will make the list happen. Put it in motion. For me, I think it would be to lose the weight which would give me more self-confidence which in return would help me make some of those things happen. So, I make this Goals! list every Tuesday for 4 weeks. I'm not allowed to look back at my lists. I guess in 4 weeks we will review. So there ya go. That's where I'm at. I'm excited about this. Why? Well, I was complaining a few days ago about how bad I am about following through with projects, etc. I mean, I have 3 dresses, 4 cross stitches, 2 books, and countless other things going on.. none of which I have ever finished. I was feeling bumbed out because of it. There are so many things in my life that I have started and never finished (i.e. college, fitness) I wasn't sure if I could set goals and follow through to completion. I've been working on clearing these negative thoughts from my head. ITs not easy. I see you shaking your head in agreement. Thank you.  So, to fix it.... I decided I wanted to get to know my relatives better. We never really knew them growing up and watching them chat on Facebook ... well, I miss that. The only way of fixing that is getting to know them all over again and becoming involved in family things. I picked up the phone, called an aunt and uncle, and now we are going to visit in about 2 weeks. I am excited. Nervous. I'm not sure what to expect or if they will accept me and my children. But, mostly excited cause its a trip.
My friend, listening so kindly, advised me that I just did what I thought I couldn't do. I set a goal and made it happen. Why then don't I apply exactly that to the rest of my life. Oh, DUH!!! Here I go. Trying this thing out.
Meanwhile, I am making a list of projects that I have started and am going to finish them. I have to finish 2 before I can start 1. I got this awesome Projects Worksheet from Made By K's blog ! I love her ideas and her blog is cute! So off I go to count my projects and set new goals.

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