Friday, February 25, 2011

Lets get Physical Day

So today I am off to see Dr. K for my yearly physical. I am looking forward to it actually to see how unhealthy I really am, besides being large. That ofcourse is a concern, however, I did step on the scale and am at 276.8 which is only .8 since last week when I got sick. I'm not to depressed about it all considering I haven't had a tidbit of strength to workout. I am feeling much better now and can't wait to start back into exercising. I am going to set my sights on the TurboFire 20 week plan. I will let you see me exercise, sweat, cry, whine.. the not so glorious and glamorous side of me. I know, hard to believe ... me... whiney? Well, its ugly, but true. I can be.

In other news, we are on day 4 of no school this week and lots and lots of snow. We are all feeling a little snowlogged and cabin feverish. What do we do with 5 kids locked in a house? Well, I found some amazing websites and some good ideas of my own:
Circle of Moms Indoor Games and Family Fun have great ideas for crafts and good times inside and out. My favorite rainy day activity is to have an UN-birthday party. We gather all the birthday party goodies we have in the house, bake a cake, make up fun party games, and off we go!! If we are feeling rather silly we get a toy from each of the kids rooms (without them knowing) and wrap it up!! Then act surprise when we unwrap. What a fun way to enjoy a day! I love Un-Birthdays!!! Watching Alice in Wonderland works too.

I also found some clover fabric to make my little Star a dress for St. Patricks day as well as finishing a quilt for my niece. I just have to find a website to tell me how to do it. Then pictures pictures pictures. I love taking pictures.. can you tell? So to close here is a little video of my puppy, George, getting lost in the snow.. Have a great day!

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