Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday... you feel like Monday

So, my awesome friend, Jen, hooked me up to a wonderful site called FLYLady. It is an awesome site that helps you get organized one babystep at a time. Now, while some may find this site silly and flimsy, I think its a great idea. I am one of those that could get organized all day long and keeps me from munching when I'm bored. I'm so tired of munching. I'm trying to stay away from the kitchen. So... anywho, Day 1 of the Flylady was to shine my sink.. check out how gorgeous it is (please ignore the dripping faucet)
Clean, right? I know!!

As for my 30day Challenge, Day 6 and talking about TO DO Lists.. one of my fav things to create besides clothes for my little star. It was all talk today, we get to do it tomorrow!! YAY.. can't wait to learn more.
I did start a refridgerator list of things I have completed today. I think it will help me feel better about being at home if I could see that I actually do stuff during my day. My favorite thing I completed today.. I didn't take a Nap when my star did. I stayed awake all day! Amazing. I actually got some of my Greek in! I'm totally addicted and get it streaming from Netflix. I'm on the second chapter and loving it!

A great day! 

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  1. What a beautiful shiney sink!!!!!!!!! Way to go


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