Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feelin' IT

Ok, so I've been doing TurboFire for this week. I started on Monday and have already lost 4.2lbs by working out and following the 5 day Inferno diet. The diet is a little drastic for me, but I think its because I'm not used to eating healthy and not eating when I'm full. I mean stopping when I'm satisfied instead of going overboard. I am doing the diet/exercise plan that came with it until Friday and then going on a plan that my therapist recommend for me while sticking with the 12 week exercise plan. The exercise is so NOT easy. Lots of high impact, but I love the energy and how she seems to be talking straight to me when I'm just not feeling it. The longest program is 55 minutes and I couldn't make it through the whole thing. I hope that in the near future I can make it through without killing myself. I'm so excited about it. I want to be a smaller size and I am going to make it.
My 30day challenge had me setting a schedule to make my daily todo list. I am still creating my list cause I'm suppose to seperate my list into three areas.. To do TODAY, This Week, This Quarter. Its hard cause I want to get it all done ASAP, but know that it just doesn't happen that way. I'm working on it and am proud that I am on day 9 and still working towards the goal of finishing the challenge.
One of my todos is almost finished. I made a dress for Meg by request of my RJ! He is so sweet. Here is a pic. I still have to add buttonholes (they are causing me some anxiety, but will get done this week). Meg loves it and I can't wait to get a pic of her in it when it's finally done.

My FLYLADY progress is going well too. While it is a constant struggle to dress like I am lacing up my shoes (I'm getting better just not yet jumping out of bed and doing it.. more like getting kids outta the house, having coffee, seein' what happened online THEN getting dressed). I will get there. I put on makeup and got dressed this morning while the kids were getting dressed. BIG DEAL. Now, I am suppose to get rid of negative thoughts which is oddly enough, what I am working on in therapy. Another not easy thing, but it takes time to get rid of years of self-ridicule and negative responses from others. Needless to say - -I'm gettin' rid of the negative one at a time.

So big plans for this week - Fix Sarahs skirt (its now too small) and prep for RJ's birthday party on Saturday. He is turning 11. UGH!! My baby. I'm not gonna cry, I'm not gonna cry, NO I'm Not gonna cry - I'm going to wait for his first day of middle school!

Have a great day!!!

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