Sunday, January 30, 2011

A New Day!!

Hello world!! How the heck are you? I haven't been blogging in a LOOOOng time and that is not a good thing. I have decided to just talk to ya'll and show you what I've been upto. I have been sewing and not taking care of myself (big surprise) and in the process have gained 10lbs.
Well, tomorrow is Monday and my foods are listed and my exercise is planned to start my 30 day TurboFire workout. Now just to get it done. Tomorrow morning at 6am my new life begins. Today, though I start on my 30day Chalene Johnson Challenge. You can view it here. On Day1 you write out your top 3 priorities. I have done this. Mine are family first, community involvement, and clearing my credit. I'm not sure what is next but stick with me on the next 30days and we will see how it goes.

Meanwhile, here are some of my latest clothes for my star.


I am working on making a dress for Meg - RJ asked me to make it for her since there is a new boy in her class that she likes. Gotta get working on that.

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