Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whoop Whoop

My weekly weigh in shows I'm down 3lbs. YAY.. its about freakin' time. I thought I'd never lose anything. It is definately motivating and makes me want to work out. Which I will do when Stel takes her nap. Eating has been great! I've made up meals for the day and it makes it easier to make good choices when they are already done for you. I used to do that alot, got lazy. Seems to be a theme that I am not proud of. I also started putting a big smiley face on our wall calendar as a constant reminder of days I did great on. I had done that many years ago and it really helped.

I don't have as much to do today as yesterday so I get to chill a bit. I'm glad. I'm really tired today as I didn't sleep too well yesterday. I have some gifts I have to get done  and a decision to make (I've been putting it off, but need to finalize by tomorrow).

Off to another great day!!

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