Monday, November 15, 2010


Why is it that once you think you are caught up on chores the list you were working on that was only 1 page is now 3? I feel like all I do somedays is check items off a neverending list of TO DO's. Yikes. So, this week is a list of catchup before the big winter weather flies in.

I had a wonderful weekend, but calories and exercise were not included in it, unfortunately. New day, new Monday. I'm ready to go and actually have the engergy to do it! Amazing.

Todays workout will be Jillian Michaels 30day Shred. It's 20 minutes of craziness that I love and plan on fitting it in after taking Stel to school this afternoon. I mean, its 20 minutes. WHY is it so hard to fit it in. Well, its not. I was being lazy. My motivation this week is that dad and Rhonda are coming on the 24th and I would like to have lost a little bit of weight and look a bit better than the last time I saw my dad. So, everyday next OMG I just looked up at the calendar and realized that its only 9 days away. Lord, give me strength. I can't believe it. See what procrastination gets me? Shock and awe!!!!! Meanwhile, I'm eagerly awaiting my refund from the P90X so that I can purchase TurboFire and get boogeying away the pounds. I kinda miss the old Richard Simmons workouts I used to do with mom and my sister, Jennifer.

1:20pm     While I realize I have now posted this same statement 3 times I felt that I needed to add it to my blog to give you all insight into a little of my craziness. So just finished my workout for today and realized that the whole time I was doing it the following statements were going through my head.... You can't do it, Your too fat, You'll never make it through, You - thin (add evil laugh), Look at that jiggle ... I could go on and on. Those are years and years of statements said to me by others and I, apparently, believed them. I pushed through. Finished all 20 minutes and FEEL AWESOME. GOLD STAR FOR TODAY!!! Take that!

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