Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 1, again.....

Ok, so I should be on week 3, however, while week 1 went fabulously, week 2 - not so much. Not only did I only "really" work out 1 day, my diet has been horrible. But that is ok! Off I go, ready to take another go at it. My short term goal will be from today (11.8) to when my dad arrives for the holidays (11.24). I've decided to change the routine and do the Double P90X for the next 3 weeks. Which basically is adding Ab Rippers to every other day, however, in my need to become addicted and kick my own butt, I am adding the extra cardio disc which I will do at night.

So there is the exercise. The food - well, I found this awesome website called My Fitness Plan which helps keep control over calories taken in and sent out.. lol, thats funny. Anywho, my link is , feel free to check out whats going in my mouth. I have been very honest, even though I hate telling everyone that I'm eating a pound of cake.. no, not a pound cake, a pound OF cake.. lol

Ok, so I'm back in the blogging. Here here to a new week and new enthusiasm in getting to where I need to be.

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