Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Day Before the First Day of the rest of my life

And I am ready!! Got the P90X in the mail on Friday. Bought the food scale, band for exercise, have the video tapes and also a journal for keeping track of what goes in my mouth! I am ready.

I am going to do my before pics later today, but will not submit you to see how horrible I look without much on until I can see results. I was online yesterday and saw a ton on YouTube! Amazing. I will, however, share measurements with you that I took today. Are you ready? Hope you didn't eat alot before reading this:

Weight - 274
Waist - 50
Hips - 52
Chest - 53.5
Right Arm - 16.25
Left Arm- 16.75
Right Thigh- 31.5
Left Thigh- 31.5
Body Fat (%) - 47

Yeah, I know. I'm shocked. No wonder I've been so ill, right? Well, tomorrow morning at 0530, I will be up and moving. The first DVD is Core Synergetics and is 53 minutes. I'm hoping it doesn't kill me, but that I can get through it without having to stop too much. I plan on pushing my way through.

Until tomorrow, my friends.

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  1. Let me start by saying I am so proud you took the first step. That is awesome. I am so excited to see how you do. I know you can do this, and yes that healthy thin girl is in there and she is ready to come out. I too have a blog that I post health info on you are welcome to look at and I have a Coaches page on face book you are welcome to as well. I have dropped from almost 200 pounds to close to 17% body fat almost all of it at home. It has motivated me to become a trainer. Id be honored to help in anyway i can even if I sit here and be a cheer leader. GO JODY!!!!!!!


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