Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Welcome to my blog! Let me just start by saying that I was reviewing my information (its on the right and says View my Complete Profile) and see that I'm a Leo - I totally knew that!! But the part that hurt was that I was born in the year of the OX. Which really, is totally appropriate for this blog!

My name is Jody. I have always fought with my weight. I have the typical story - Mom was a yoyo dieter, thus so am I. I am 5'3", have had two children and with the last pregnancy went from 190lbs to 310lbs. I lost 110lbs in the first two months after she was born due to medical issues and have successfully gained most of it back. So, here I am. Blogging. Why? Well, I am thinking that if I put it ALLLLout there as ugly as it is, as uncomfortable as it feels, as horrific as it might be - it will also be theraputic and I hope to find that healthy girl that is still in there. I know she is, cause when I dream at night - I'm never this huge! So, I must still be thinner on the inside, right?

I hope to be able to video blog much of this. I will include my weight, exercise routine, food journal, and much more - aren't you thrilled?

Please comment. Tell me what you think. Believe me, I am sure that I can relate to whatever it is you need to share.

So there ya have it. Me in a nutshell (Its a darn big nut). I am ready to make a change. So lets get started.

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